Telehealth is the use of technology, such as a computer or mobile device, to access healthcare services from a remote location like home. Telehealth allows you to keep in touch with your healthcare team and receive ongoing medical treatment when an in-person visit isn’t necessary or always possible.

At Esse Health, we offer virtual appointments and web-based office visits with your Esse Health doctor and other members of your Esse Health team. A telehealth visit gives you easy access to your doctor, allows you to ask questions and provide updated information and helps your Esse Health doctor monitor your symptoms in between your regular office visits. A telehealth visit with a dietitian or a case manager also is a way your Esse Health team can keep you healthy and help you manage your chronic conditions.

Telehealth is just one of the many tools we use to help keep you well. Talk to your Esse Health doctor about whether a telehealth visit is appropriate for you.

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